The CEDC will develop a customized package of incentives to aid in a cost effective site location. Cowlitz County offers incentives ranging from no sales tax on construction of manufacturing facilities to fast track permitting of your project. Rely on the CEDC’s years of experience to ensure your project qualifies for all available programs.

New and existing manufacturers, research and development firms and certain high technology companies in Washington can benefit from several targeted tax incentives. These are intended to encourage the preservation and creation of family-wage jobs.

These include:

  • New Business Sales/Use Tax Exemption
  • Warehousing Sales/ Use Tax Exemption
  • High Tech Sales/Use Tax Exemption
  • Rural Area B&O Tax Credits
  • High Tech B&O Tax Credits
  • Rural County Sales & Use Tax Deferral/Waiver
  • Rural County High Tech B&O Tax Credits
  • Labor Force Training